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Frequently Asked Questions


Regardless of whether it is a serious accident or even a simple "fender bender", an accident is still stressful and traumatic thing.


Steve's Body & Frame wants to make your interaction with us as pleasant and trouble free as possible. We know you have questions, and we'll be happy to answer them all. For convenience, we've listed a few of the most common questions our customers ask:

I've just had an auto accident. What should I do?
If anyone is injured, call 911. Next, call the police. After contacting the police, gather the following information from each person involved: name, drivers license number, vehicle license plate, and insurance information. It there are any witnesses, gather their names and phone numbers. Note the time, date, and location of the accident. If you have a camera or a cell phone with a camera, photograph the accident scene and the damage to the vehicles. Contact your insurrance company, then call us. We have our own towing service. Let the police know we are on our way. We'll go to work immediately with your insurance company to ensure everything is happening to your best benefit. We'll help you file the claim, bring your damaged car to us, and provide you a rental car, if needed.
Do I have the right to select the auto body repair shop that will repair my car?
The simple answer is . . . Yes. In order to expedite your claim, we suggest you: (a) select the repair shop, (b) leave your automobile there, and (c) notify your insurance agent or company. Do not drive your collision damaged vehicle, even if your insurer tells you it is okay. It is dangerous and opens you to additional liability.
Do I really need to get three estimates?
No. Arkansas law requires only one estimate, and from the shop of YOUR choosing.
How can I be confident my vehicle is being repaired safely?
The safe repair of your vehicle is our primary goal. We perform pre- and post-repair scans as required by vehicle manufacturers. Our Safety System Health Check scans your vehicle's electronic systems prior to and after repairs to verify all safety systems are working properly. This repair facility employs AirPro Diagnostics® technology to assure your vehicle is properly repaired to the manufacturer's specifications.Most sensors for safety systems are mounted on the exterior of the vehicle, so even a minor fender bender can damage these systems. Dash lights may not indicate when safety systems need repairs and / or recalibrations. You have the right to have your vehicle repaired to manufacturer's specifications.
Must I notify my insurance company before repairs can begin?
If you are at fault or if the other party was at fault and uninsured you will need to contact your insurer. If the accident was the other person's fault, then you are a "claimant". The other person's insurance carrier is paying for the repair.
Should I pay for an accident repair myself or let my insurance company handle it?
Insurance costs are rising and more people are paying for minor accident repairs themselves. We're happy to discuss cost-saving options, and we have good relationships with many insurance companies. Working together with them on your behalf often provides your best solution.
Do you charge for an estimate?
No. There is never a charge for an estimate or consultation regarding your repair. You can even get a free "Photo Estimate" by clicking on the "Request a Photo Estimate" at the top of our page.
How do I make an appointment?
We welcome walk-ins, however, if you make an appointment you will have priority when you arrive at your appointment time. Call us today to make an appointment, or fill out the form on our Contact Us page.
I need a tow. My car is not safe to drive. What can I do?
We have our own towing service so all you have to do is call us or if you are involved in an accident let the police officer give us a call. We will arrange to have you vehicle towed to our facility. Do not drive a collision damaged vehicle even if your insurer tells you it is okay to do so. This can cause two problems: Firstly, YOU will be liable for any accident you are involved in if you are knowingly operating an unsafe vehicle. Secondly, in your insurance policy there is a "loss mitigation" section making YOU responsible for any additional damage caused to your vehicle or any other vehicle or property caused by your vehicle after the accident. Damaged vehicles are NOT meant to be driven. They are unsafe and endanger the operator, passengers, and other drivers and property. Any number of problems can occur. Be safe and call our towing service.
Can I get a rental car?
Rentals may be covered under your insurance policy. We'll find out for you and handle the arrangements.
Do you provide a warranty for your repairs?
Yes. We provide a lifetime warranty for as long as you own your car. We have been in business for over 30 years and we will be here to honor our warranty.
How long will my repair take?
This depends on the amount of damage to your vehicle. But we will work to get your car back to you as soon as possible. Your collision consultant can provide an estimate of when the work will be completed. If you have special circumstances, let us know and we'll review what we may be able to do for you.
Do I need to pay anything when I drop off my car?
No. After the repair work is complete, you pay us your insurance check and deductible if applicable.
Can you match the color of my paint?
Yes! We have computerized color matching and other tools with the latest technology to determine the best color match. We also have talented technicians that hand-tint to exactly match the color of your vehicle.
What if the cost of repairs is more than my car is worth?
Usually, the insurance company reaches a cash-settlement with you for the cost of a replacement vehicle. This is usually your best option, but we will be happy to review a repair with you.
While we have tried to make this list as comprehensive as possible, we realize that you may have additional questions not covered here. If so, please feel free to call us during our business hours (Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM). Our number is (870)364-2417.

Thank you for trusting us!