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Your Rights

When it comes to having your
collision damaged vehicle repaired
what are your rights?
  What decisions are yours to make, and which are beyond your control? For the protection of your family and your investment in your vehicle,
know your rights
before your vehicle is repaired.


You have the right to drive a vehicle that has been safely repaired



Why is this important? There is always the possibility that you could be involved in another collision. If your vehicle has been repaired safely, it will perform as it should in the event of another crash, protecting you and your passengers. Failure to safely repair your vehicle means that the parts of your vehicle designed to protect you in the event of a crash may not perform as they should, putting you and your passengers at greater risk of injury or death.


You have the right to choose where your vehicle gets repaired.


In Arkansas, the owner of a vehicle has the right to have their vehicle repaired at the facility of their choice. It is not up to the insurer or his agents to tell you where you must have your vehicle repaired.


You have the right to insist on OEM parts while your vehicle is under its original warranty.


During the period of your vehicle's original warranty, you have the right to insist on the use of only OEM parts.


If your warranty has expired, your insurer may insist on non-OEM parts. If so, they must be at least equal to the OEM parts in terms of fit, quality, performance, and warranty. They must have affixed to them (or inscribed upon them) their logo, an identification number or name of the manufacturer.


Your insurer must inform you in writing of their intention to use non-OEM parts to repair your vehicle in the insurance policy or by affixing a sticker to the policy stating such.